Sunday, April 30, 2017
Third Sunday after Easter
Praise for this Resurrection Madness
 Lord of such amazing surprises
as put a catch in my breath and wings on my heart.
I praise you for this joy, too great for words,
but not for tears and songs and sharing,
for mercy that blots out my betrayals
and bids me begin again,
and to limp on, to hop-skip-and-jump on.
To mend what is broken in and around me,
and to forgive the breakers; for this YES to life and laughter,
to love and lovers, and to my unwinding self;
for this Kingdom unleashed in me and I in it forever. 
And no dead ends to growing, to choices, to chances, to calls to be just.
No dead ends to living, to making peace, to dreaming dreams, to being glad of heart.
For this resurrection madness which is wiser than I,
and in which I see how great you are, how full of grace. 
Alleluia!   (-Ted Loder)
Beloved Saints,
Alleluia, He is Risen! Shalom! Deep peace to you my beloved friends in the Risen Christ!
The idea of living into the Resurrection is indeed a kind of holy “madness” no matter how you look at it; a kind of massive paradigm shift- a decidedly different way of looking at what we call reality- as so well captured above by Methodist minister and prolific writer, Ted Loder. 
As we move further into this season of Eastertide- these 50 days after the Resurrection, we again hear a familiar story from the Gospel. Jesus joins two of his followers on the road to Emmaus. It is a memorable story, whether or not you claim knowledge of scripture, because, I believe, it parallels our very own stories so beautifully.
Individually and collectively we are on the road to Emmaus everyday of our lives- and what we are able to see and know along the way has everything to do with our willingness to move beyond our doubts and fears. Last week, we heard the story of “Doubting Thomas” and were invited to re-examine who and how we build trust in our ourselves, in each other and in our faith journeys. We were reminded that becoming “real” is the work of a lifetime and is rewarded in the profound expressions of love manifested in some of the most everyday moments of our lives. To be made real through the power of love is God’s dream for us.
Come home this Sunday as we unpack this exquisite story traveling with the disciples and the unrecognizable Christ. Let us hold it up as a mirror reflecting God's grace, goodness and love back into our lives. Together we will unpack these verses and consider how they not only draw us further into our Eastertide journey, but also provide a pattern for how and why we boldly claim the gift of "this resurrection madness!"
I was reminded this week of one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems, summing up for me our Resurrection work during this season, and perhaps a lifetime:

Instructions for Living a Life

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

May you never forget that you are loved.

Priest Lisa

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